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Catering Trailers for Sale UK

Airstream Style Catering Trailers for Sale UK

We have a range of distinctive mobile trailers / coffee vans for sale.

After years of importing vintage Airstream trailers from the USA to the UK, we found the cost of bringing these beautiful trailers back to their former glory was ever-increasing and impossible to quote without actually starting to pull them apart!

The more modern looking Airstream trailers are quite different to the vintage imported ones in that the end caps are built with a hydraulic press rather the traditional multi-panel look and the aluminium skin is heavily lacquered and gives a matt/anodised look. Beautiful though they are, we found that people still craved the highly polished aluminium look with its multi-panelled curved end caps.

So, Silver Bean Catering Trailers re-created the classic vintage American Airstream trailer look with a brand new trailer. The Silver Bean range comes in 4 different lengths 16ft, 18ft, 20ft and 23ft. Each one is handmade, every rivet, every weld, every fold and every detail is handmade to the highest standard. Hand built and built to last. We think our catering trailers and our internal kit outs will exceed your expectations.

The price below is for the shell and does not include any interior kit out. We have standard packages for interior kit out to keep pricing simple, or, we can create something bespoke and completely individual to you.

Standard Catering Trailer spec includes:

We can deliver within the UK, EU or Internationally.